Do you remember

Yolande Sheppard of Bella Flamboyant (middle)

Yolande Sheppard of Bella Flamboyant (middle)

Yolande Sheppard (middle) helps patrons.

Remember the Bishop Anstey High School Plant & Market  Stall 2016?

Well we want to make it better in 2017!  This was not an "ORDINARY" Plant stall, so  I am sure you remember bright colourful flowers,  the wide selection  of plants and  magnificent  pots and planters to match your home decor!   And remember you got the soil to pot out the plant as well; Everything in one place for your convenience!!  ...And you got expert advice from our  in-house Horticulturalists! So you would know if to give the plant more water or if where you plan to put it had too much sun.    Mosquito Dunks  took care of the pests!  ...And best of all you  were able to order in advance!  

Remember the market? Tasty  coconut water and ready-to-eat sugar cane!  Sweet honey from the countryside! Pumpkin and green fig for your soup! We brought it from the farm to your fork. 

Did you win one of our prizes? Poinsettias and flowers to grace your home!

So, do you have an Agri-business or a green thumb?...Donate some plants for sale or for prizes.  Contributions of Vegetables, Fruit and Provision are welcome!   Bring the mango, pepper, zabocca, pineapple, seasoning, everything!!  Lets make market on Sunday 5th November, 2017!

In turn, let us help you.  Contributors may leave cards and flyers for Agri-business for distribution to patrons at the Bishop Anstey High School Bazaar 2017!  See you there!